The Kind Faces

Behind every item of clothing there are tons of faces. Meet a small selection of the large group of heroes who make our clothing. We could write a whole book about all faces behind Be Kind (maybe we’ll do that sometime in the future), but for now that’s not feasible. We hope that you can get […]


Recycled Materials Our world needs more circularity, as resources are running low and there is so much stuff out there that we can re-use. Everything we make returns the earth as either food or poison, so let’s change our way of making! Learn here more about the recycling process: Linen We love linen; it’s breezy, […]

Our Philosophy

Be Kind was born with a mission to make positive impact on the clothing industry. A few pillars are important in this mission. Clothing industry Our passion is in the complex clothing industry and we would love to see a change! To us, the clothing industry symbolizes inequality of the world: the chain is full […]

Who We Are

Dorien had the idea for a sustainable, ethical clothing line in 2017 at her kitchen table in her cottage in New Hampshire while being a full-time mom to Samuel &Yosef. Hendrine and Dorien officially launched BeKind’s first collection in 2019 in the midst of the hectic fashion industry. -BeKind honest label is a world changer. […]